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Is Intel Core I7 4770 Still Good In 2022? Full CPU Test


Is Intel Core I7 4770 Still Good In 2022? Full CPU Test

Topic Introduction

In Jun 2022, It was exactly 9 years since Intel released their 4 cores / 8 threads processor – Intel Core I7 4770.

This Processor is built with the Intel Haswell microarchitecture, which brings me a smile on my face because of how long I didn’t hear that Codename.

However, we won’t try to get into the specifications of this CPU in this article. There is a lot of information in the other blog posts on the Internet. I think that is useless for most people.

If you just want to see the important information, and the results this processor can get you in 2022. you are in the right place

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Is Intel Core I7 4770 Still Good In 2022?

Is Intel Core I7 4770 Still Good In 2022? Short Topic Answer

Although Intel Core I7 4770 is an older processor and isn’t up to date with technology, it can still provide unreal results considering its age. You will be more than satisfied with the results this CPU can achieve In basic usage or 1080p E-sports gaming, especially when paired with a good GPU.

Since this is only the short answer, keep reading to find out all the important info about this processor in 2022.

Intel Core I7 4770 Specs

Number of Cores4 cores
Number of Threads8 threads
Base Frequency3.4 GHz
Boost Frequency3.9 GHz
Process Size22nm
SocketLGA 1150

Best Intel Core I7 4770 Offer At The Moment

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Is Intel Core I7 4770 Good For Gaming?

Since gaming is probably the most important category for the majority of the people that are reading this post, I will deliver you the results.

Since I had Intel I7 4770 inside my side PC that I didn’t use for a while, this benchmark wasn’t that challenging for me at all

In order to get the most out of my Intel Core I7 4770, I just needed to pair it with a graphics card that has enough power to force the I7 4770 old bones to move around. That job will be done by the Nvidia GTX 1660 Super, which is a phenomenal pair with the I7 4770 for 1080p gaming.

As you can see in the table below, I benchmarked Intel I7 4770 and Nvidia GTX 1660 Super in 10 different popular games.

Every one of these games that I played was in 1080p resolution and every one of them was on the Maximum settings.

You may ask why I Increased the graphics details in all games, but the answer is simple. The Intel Core I7 4770 is still a good processor and it will work fine in 1080p, but for the best results, you want to pair it with a better graphics card and load it so the I7 4770 doesn’t have a huge job. Let the graphics card do the important stuff and use the CPU as support.

If you take a look at the results in the table, you will see that that strategy absolutely works. In all 10 games, we had more than 60 fps on average. That result is quite crazy for me. I expected to see at least some stutter and lag considering the age of the Intel I7 4770, but in the reality, this CPU is just fine until you know its limitations.

To cut the story, every game that I tried felt smooth and playable. Overall experience was great!

PC Specs: Intel Core I7 4770, Nvidia GTX 1660 Super, 16GB DDR3, 1TB SSD AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS
Farcry 5 (Max Settings - 1080p) 65 fps 54 fps
Battlefield 1 (Max Settings - 1080p) 113 fps 77 fps
Witcher 3 (Max Settings - 1080p) 77 fps 61 fps
Shadow of Tomb Raider (Max Settings - 1080p) 122 fps 84 fps
Just Cause 4 (Max Settings - 1080p) 86 fps 55 fps
Hitman 3 (Max Settings - 1080p) 120 fps 77 fps
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Max Settings - 1080p) 77 fps 56 fps
God Of War (Max Settings - 1080p) 64 fps 51 fps
PUBG (Max Settings - 1080p) 76 fps 60 fps
Grand Theft Auto 5 (Max Settings - 1080p) 94 fps 72 fps

Best Processor To Upgrade From Intel I7 4770

The Best Processor that you can upgrade from Intel I7 4770 is Intel Core I7 8700. With 6 cores and 12 threads, this processor will give you a big upgrade in almost every program or game. Intel Core I7 8700 is a very good processor when it comes to 1080p gaming, especially when paired with a good GPU

Best Intel I7 8700 Offer At The Moment

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Best Graphics Card To Pair With Intel Core I7 4770

The Best Budget Graphics Card That You Should Pair With The Intel I7 4770

The Best Graphics Card That you should pair with the Intel Core I7 4770 is AMD RX 580 4GB. With this graphics card paired, your Intel I7 4770 can easily perform well in almost every 1080p video game, considering that AMD RX 580 is very good when it comes to that resolution.

Best AMD RX 580 4GB Offer At The Moment

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The Best Graphics Card That You Should Pair With The Intel I7 4770

The best graphics card that you can pair with Intel I7 4770 is Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti. Although there is a slight bottleneck (4%), you will still be more than happy with the given performance. The best part is that you can upgrade your CPU in the future and GTX 1660 TI will still be good in your PC.

Best Nvidia GTX 1660 Offer At The Moment

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