Is Intel i7 4790k still good?

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Intel i7 4790k was a beast back in the day and a lot of people find it interesting even in 2023.

With 4 cores and 8 threads, this CPU will satisfy most users user, but it can show its age in higher resolutions.

Although it’s not a big difference, as time passes, modern games demand at least 6 cores for a good experience.

Let’s Find Out Together what this processor is capable of in 2021!

Is Intel i7 4790k still good

Is Intel i7 4790k Still Good? Short Topic Answer

Intel i7 4790k is still a great processor if you know its limits. This CPU will give you a great gaming experience in both 1080p and 2k but fps depend on your graphics settings.

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Intel i7 4790k Specifications

Total Cores – 4

Total Threads – 8

Processor Base Frequency – 4.0 GHz

Max Turbo Frequency – 4.4 GHz

Cache – 8MB

Bus Speed – 5 GT/s

TDP – 88W

Best Intel i7 4790k Offer At The Moment

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Best GPU for Intel i7 4790k

To get the most out of Intel i7 4790k you need to pair it with a decent GPU. While choosing the perfect graphics card you need to know that this CPU is 7 years old and that you shouldn’t pair it with too strong a graphics card which would be bottlenecked by i7 4790k.

Choosing a perfect GPU depends mostly on your budget and needs, so I will suggest two choices below, and it is up to you to choose the right one for you.

The Best Graphics Card for Intel i7 4790k - 1440p gaming

The Best Graphics card that you should consider going for is Nvidia RTX 2060. All GPUs better than RTX 2060 will cause a bottleneck when paired with i7 4790k. RTX 2060 paired with intel i7 4970k will be a great CPU-GPU combo for 1440p gaming, especially for 60 HZ and 120 HZ.

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The Best Graphics Card for Intel I7 4790k - 1080p gaming

The Best GPU for intel i7 4790k if you are aiming for 1080p gaming is Nvidia Gtx 1660. This graphics card would do a great job in any game when paired with i7 4790k in 1080p even in Ultra settings.

Best Gtx 1660 Offer at the moment:

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Is Intel i7 4790k Good For Gaming in 2023?

Intel i7 4790k is a great processor for gaming even after 7 years since its release. This processor can run most new games smoothly when paired with a good GPU. The lack of cores can affect your experience in 4k, but you will be fine in 1080p and 1440p.

You can find a test with RTX 3080 against a much newer i3 10100f below:

Intel Core I7 4790k vs Intel Core I3 10100f - Test In Gaming

Tests are done with RTX 3080, 16Gb RAM, 1TB SSD
res: 1080p
i7 4790k AVERAGE FPSi7 4790k CPU USAGEi7 4790k CPU TEMPi3 10100f AVERAGE FPSi3 10100f CPU USAGEi3 10100f CPU TEMP
Battlefield V (Ultra settings) 119 fps90 %65 °C 130 fps92 %48 °C
Red Dead Redemption 2 (High settings)91 fps92 %63 °C106 fps77 %45 °C
CYBERPUNK 2077 (High settings)67 fps87 %61 °C75 fps90 %46 °C
Mafia Definitive Edition (High settings)102 fps68 %59 °C116 fps75 %46 °C
Watch Dogs Legion (Ultra settings)55 fps70 %60 °C62 fps66 %45 °C
Call of Duty : Warzone (Normal & High settings)95 fps92 %65 °C116 fps89 %47 °C

Intel Core I7 4790k vs Intel Core i7 10700k - Test In Gaming

Tests are done with RTX 3080, 16Gb RAM, 1TB SSDi7 4790k AVERAGE FPSi7 4790k CPU USAGEi7 4790k CPU TEMPi7 10700k AVERAGE FPSi7 10700k CPU USAGEi7 10700k CPU TEMP
Far Cry New Dawn (Ultra settings - 1080p)
103 fps72 %62 °C128 fps60 %58 °C
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Max settings - 1080p)127 fps87 %60 °C161 fps64 %54 °C
Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Ultra settings - 1080p)92 fps85 %55 °C114 fps56 %53 °C
Resident Evil 3 Remake (Max settings - 1080p)329 fps57 %52 °C334 fps43 %47 °C
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Max settings - 1080p)382 fps79 %60 °C439 fps72 %54 °C
Horizon Zero Dawn (Ultra settings - 1080p)116 fps88 %71 °C124 fps71 %70 °C

Is Intel i7 4790k Good For Editing in 2022?

Intel i7 4790k is a solid CPU for editing even 7 years after its release. Although you will need to spend more time waiting for i7 4790k to finish things than newer processors, this CPU will do a good job for most people that are using it for light editing.

Is Intel i7 4790k Good For Streaming in 2022

Intel i7 4790k can be used as a streaming CPU. But have in mind that this processor only has 4 cores and if you are planning to stream some CPU-demanding game, you may have some problems.

Should You Buy Intel i7 4790k in 2022?

While the i7 4790k is still a decent processor, I wouldn’t recommend it to you. Unless you find a great deal under $180, there are plenty of newer CPUs that you can buy if you save a little more cash. A better deal would be Ryzen 5 2600 with 6 cores and 12 threads.


Although it’s still a great processor, i7 4790k will show its age very soon. If you already have this CPU or you find a great deal, you should keep using it until it stops performing as well as you want from it.

My Rating for i7 4790k is 4.4/5

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