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Is Intel i7 4790k still good in 2023? We Tested It!


Intel i7 4790k was a beast back in the day and a lot of people find it interesting even in 2023, In the rapidly evolving world of technology, it’s crucial to determine if our once cutting-edge hardware can still hold its own 9 years on!

Today we will be revisiting the i7 4790K processor, famously known as Devil’s Canyon, to evaluate its performance and relevance today. Lauded for its impressive clock speeds and cooler operation upon release back in May 2014, we’ll put this iconic processor to the test in various gaming and productivity scenarios to see if it’s still a viable option for those looking to get the most out of their gaming experience on a tight budget.

With 4 cores and 8 threads, this CPU will satisfy most users user, but it can show its age in higher resolutions. Although it’s not a big difference, as time passes, modern games now demand at least 6 cores for a good experience.

Let’s dive into it and find out together what this processor is made of in 2023!

Best Intel i7 4790k Offer At The Moment

Intel i7 4790k jpg e1683985311341

Intel i7 4790k

  • 4 Cores 8 Threads
  • Base 4GHZ / Turbo 4.4GHZ
  • Still great for budget gaming in 2023

Is Intel i7 4790k Still Good? Short Topic Answer

Yes, the Intel i7 4790k is still considered a good processor in 2023. This CPU will give you a great gaming experience in both 1080p and 2k but fps depend on your graphics settings, It is a fairly strong CPU and won’t bottleneck a good GPU.

Intel i7 4790k Specifications

Number of Cores4 cores
Number of Threads8 threads
Base Frequency4.0 GHz
Turbo Frequency4.4 GHz
Cache8 MB
Bus Speed5 GT/s
Release DateMay 2014

Is Intel i7 4790k Good For Gaming in 2023?

Intel i7 4790k is a great processor for gaming even after 9 years since its release. This processor can run most new games smoothly when paired with a good GPU as most games are GPU intensive rather than CPU, however the lack of cores can affect your experience in 4k, but you will be fine in 1080p and 1440p

Our I7 4790k FPS Gaming Results (Tested in May 2023)

All tests are conducted with the Intel I7 4790k combined with the Nvidia RTX 2060 with each game set in high settings.

I was very impressed with the results when you put this processor with a GPU that is now 3 years old, on a budget you can still get great performance on the most popular games.

GameAverage FPSCPU UsageCPU Temp
COD Warzone 285 FPS87%65°C
Fortnite93 FPS89%64°C
Apex Legends86 FPS85%61°C
PUBG118 FPS87%64°C
Grand Theft Auto V98 FPS82%65°C
RUST71 FPS68%61°C
Battlefield V119 FPS90%64°C
CYBERPUNK 207767 FPS87%61°C

Best GPU to pair with the Intel i7 4790k

As featured above in our play tests The NVIDIA RTX 2060 is an excellent choice for pairing with the Intel i7 4790k, offering an impressive balance of performance and affordability that isn’t bottlenecked by this processor.

With its Turing architecture and 6GB of GDDR6 memory, the RTX 2060 delivers exceptional gaming and streaming capabilities, enabling gamers to experience smooth gameplay at high resolutions and frame rates

As we are interested in the 4790K this GPU is what we would consider affordable in terms of lower-end budget builds, It really does deliver that bang-for-buck feeling.

RTX 2060 jpg


  • 1785 MHz Boost Clock
  • 6GB GDDR6 memory
  • Excellent match for the 4790K

Is Intel i7 4790k Good For Editing in 2023?

Yes and No – The Intel i7 4790k is a solid CPU for editing even after all this time after its release. Although you will need to spend more time waiting for the i7 4790k to finish things than newer processors, this CPU will do a good job for most people that are using it for light editing.

If you are however someone who edits gaming videos on a regular basis then I would consider expanding your budget just a little for something like the I5 12600K which will process your videos quicker.

Is Intel i7 4790k Good For Streaming in 2023?

No – If you are planning on streaming the latest most popular games then I would look to expand your budget a little more. This processor only has 4 cores so you will run into some performance problems while playing and streaming at the same time.

Newer Alternatives that may be within your budget


The question for the conclusion is should you buy the i7 4790k in 2023?

The processor is 9 years old and isn’t going to be performing like new processors in maximum resolution in ultra settings however it is still a great processor and an excellent choice for our readers who like getting more for the money when building budget builds!

If you are happy like me with the performance on the games listed above and you are on a limited budget then absolutely go for it! but if you are someone who wants more performance or you are interested in streaming down the line then consider one of the alternatives and expand that budget a little.

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