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Is Intel Core I7 10700k Worth Buying? Full CPU Revisit


It has been more than 2 years since Intel released the new Intel Core I7 10700k. Over that time, this processor really fought its way to one of the best CPUs in its price range. Although it’s cheaper, Intel I7 10700k can perform on a similar level as Intel Core I9 10900k when it’s overclocked.

For $100 dollars less and considering that Intel i7 10700k does not require the best possible cooler when it’s overclocked, that overall seems like a very good value.

Of course, there are AMD processors that are also very good in this price range, and often, they have a little bit more value. Don’t worry, I will cover that and much more in this article, so keep reading!

Is Intel Core I7 10700k Worth Buying?

Is Intel Core I7 10700k Worth Buying? Short Topic Answer

Currently, Intel Core I7 10700k is around $300 brand new. Considering that this processor is performing very well in whatever video game you try it on, that price may seem reasonable. But if we take a look at its AMD competition, For $50 cheaper you can find some processors that have more value.

Intel Core I7 10700k Specification

Number of Cores8 cores
Number of Threads16 threads
Base Frequency3.8 GHz
Boost Frequency5.1 GHz
Process Size14nm
SocketLGA 1200

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How Good Is Intel I7 10700k In Gaming?

Intel Core I7 10700 is a fantastic processor when it comes to gaming itself. With 8 cores and 16 threads, this processor can give you a great result in whatever resolution you want, if you pair it with a good graphics card. For the best results, you should take advantage of overclocking.

In the paragraphs below, I will try to benchmark this processor in the best possible way, so you can figure out if this CPU is good enough for you. I paired it with a powerful Nvidia RTX 3070. That way, I can get the most out of this processor.

I tested Intel Core I7 10700k only in 1080p and 1440p resolution since 4k mostly depends on the graphics card and the CPU is there just as the support.

Let’s cut the story, and jump into some gaming!

How Good Is Intel I7 10700k In 1080p Gaming?

For the first benchmark, I tested Intel Core I7 10700k in the most popular resolution – 1080p. Considering that 1080p requires both a good graphic card and processor, it’s a good place for all CPU tests since they need to show the real power in order for you to achieve good results.

As I said, I paired the Intel I7 10700k with a Nvidia RTX 3070, which has more than enough power to push this processor to its limits.

If you take a closer look at the table below, you will see that I tested these two together in 5 different games, while every game had graphics settings increased.

As you can see below, every game averaged far more than 60 fps. Considering that some of these games are harder to run, these results are more than good for the majority of people.

Of course, gaming at a higher refresh rate is more than possible when you pair Intel I7 10700k with a good graphics card. You can easily achieve 144+ fps in 90% of games in 1080p resolution if you adjust your settings the right way.

Feel free to Take a look at the table yourself!

Specs: Intel I7 10700k, Nvidia RTX 3070, 32GB DDR4 3600 MHZ, 1TB SSD AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS
Mafia: Definitive Edition (High settings - 1080p) 142 fps 77 fps
Doom Eternal (Ultra Nightmare settings - 1080p) 206 fps 154 fps
Ghostrunner (Epic settings | DLSS OFF - 1080p) 81 fps 56 fps
ARK (Epic settings - 1080p) 80 fps 79 fps
Watch Dogs: Legion (Very High settings | DLSS OFF - 1080p) 73 fps 59 fps

How Good Is Intel I7 10700k In 1440p Gaming?

For the second benchmark, I tested Intel Core I7 10800k in the sweet-middle resolution for most people – 1440p.

Although the processor is having a smaller role in 1440p, and the GPU is a component that is doing more work, you still need a good processor as the support in order to achieve good results.

Once again, the GPU role was fulfilled by Nvidia RTX 3070, which will definitely do a good job in 2k.

If you take a closer look at the table below, you will probably be as amazed as I was. Once again these two components together averaged more than 60 fps in all 5 games that I tested in 1440p resolution.

Once more detail. If you compare the results from 1080p and 1440p for Ghostrunner, you will see that in the 2k Ghostrunner averaged more. How is that even possible? The answer is – DLSS. With DLSS turned on in the 1440p benchmark for this game, overall fps was higher than when I tested this game in 1080p without DLSS.

That’s just one of the perks of owning quality graphics cards.

Specs: Intel I7 10700k, Nvidia RTX 3070, 32GB DDR4 3600 MHZ, 1TB SSD AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS
Mafia: Definitive Edition (High settings - 1440p) 107 fps 63 fps
Doom Eternal (Ultra Nightmare settings - 1440p) 191 fps 142 fps
Ghostrunner (Epic settings | DLSS ON - 1440p) 91 fps 60 fps
ARK (Epic settings - 1440p) 61 fps 51 fps
Watch Dogs: Legion (Very High settings | DLSS QUALITY - 1440p) 76 fps 64 fps

Intel Core I7 10700k vs AMD Ryzen 7 5800x

I wanted to compare this processor to an AMD processor that has a similar strength to the Intel I7 10700k itself in order to give you the clearest picture possible of how good this processor actually is.

To get the best results, I used an Nvidia RTX 3080 paired with these two processors in eight popular games. Have in mind that Intel I7 10700k and Ryzen 7 5800x both have 8 cores and 16 threads.

As you can see, almost all of the games I benchmarked with these two were set to the highest graphics settings. I wanted to give you a realistic picture, even though that isn’t the best way to test the processors’ strength.

You can see that in every game I tested, these two averaged nearly the same frame rates. Although the i7 10700k had higher average frame rates in some games, Ryzen 7 5800x outperformed it in the vast majority of them by a small 3% to 5%.

On the other hand, Intel I7 10700k had a higher 1% Low Fps in almost all games, which is also something I find interesting.

I won’t give you a conclusion since the answer mostly depends on you. They are both about similar strengths, so the decision for you should be based either on price or on your preference.

Specs: Intel Core I7 10700k/AMD Ryzen 7 5800x, 16GB DDR4 3200 MHZ, Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB, 1TB SSD Intel I7 10700k - AVERAGE FPS Intel I7 10700k - 1% LOW FPS Ryzen 7 5800x - AVERAGE FPS Ryzen 7 5800x - 1% LOW FPS
Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Very High settings - 1080p) 136 fps 92 fps 137 fps 94 fps
Battlefield 5 (Ultra settings - 1080p) 193 fps 108 fps 196 fps 96 fps
PUBG (Ultra settings - 1080p) 226 fps 175 fps 229 fps 172 fps
The Witcher 3 (Ultra settings - 1080p) 193 fps 139 fps 197 fps 145 fps
Watch Dogs Legion (Ultra settings - 1080p) 92 fps 71 fps 89 fps 73 fps
Project Cars (Ultra settings - 1080p) 131 fps 109 fps 134 fps 102 fps
Red Dead Redemption 2 (High settings - 1080p) 151 fps 115 fps 147 fps 113 fps
Mafia Definitive Edition (High settings - 1080p) 145 fps 103 fps 147 fps 108 fps

Best Graphics Card To Pair With Intel Core I7 10700k

Nvidia RTX 3060 is the best graphics card that you should pair with Intel Core I7 10700k. With 12GB of GDDR6 memory and the modern technology that is inside the graphics card itself, Nvidia RTX 3060 is more than powerful to get you phenomenal results when paired with Intel Core I7 10700k.

Best Nvidia RTX 3060 Offer At The Moment

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