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How good is intel i5 10400f for gaming?


Intel Core I5 10400f is one of the best Intel CPUs from the i5 10th gen processors. The reason for that is the price, which isn’t that high for a processor with this much functionality and the performance you get from this CPU.

The second anniversary of the Intel i5 10400f was in April 2022 and as time passes I can easily tell that this CPU is a well-done job from Intel.

Of course, there are some cons as well with this CPU, but I will try to test this CPU as much as possible to provide you with the best information.

Let’s Find out how this CPU performs in modern games!

How good is intel i5 10400f for gaming – Short Topic Answer

Intel Core I5 10400f is a fantastic mid-range processor when it comes to gaming. With 6 cores and 12 threads, the Intel i5 10400f will perform really well in most popular games, especially when paired with a good GPU. You can expect decent results in the most popular games that aren’t CPU-demanding.

To get things easier for you, I tested this processor in some popular games and I have the results below.

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Intel I5 10400f Specifications

Total Cores6 cores
Total Threads12 threads
Base Frequency2.90 GHz
Turbo Frequency4.30 GHz
Cache12 MB
Bus Speed8 GT/s

How Good Is Intel Core I5 10400f For Gaming?

In order to show you how good this CPU is in popular games, I paired it with 4 graphics cards. The first one is a low-end GPU that can’t be even considered a gaming GPU – Nvidia GT 1030.

As you might know, the Intel I5 10400f doesn’t have an integrated graphics card, and some people will want to pair the cheapest GPU at the moment and upgrade to a better graphics card when the prices drop to a normal level. That’s the reason for pairing the Intel I5 10400f with Gt 1030 2Gb.

The second GPU that I paired with the Intel i5 10400f is Nvidia Gtx 1650 4Gb, a GPU that is the most common purchase for entry-level budget gaming. Although it’s not the best graphics card youth there, Nvidia Gtx 1650 will give you a great gaming experience in 1080p at reasonable graphics settings.

The third GPU that I paired with the Intel I5 10400f for this testing is Nvidia GTX 1660 Super, which is a great mid-range GPU for 1080p and even light 1440p gaming. This GPU isn’t the best one in its class (the GTX 1660 Ti is the best), but it will definitely be a very good option to pair with the i5 10400f.

As a High-End GPU, I tested RTX 3060 Ti together with Intel I5 10400f to see how well this processor can work in 1440p. Personally, I think the results are great for a processor that is less than $250.

To cut the story, let’s see the tables with games and performances.

For a Low-End GPU, I chose GT 1030 2Gb

If you don’t want to spend a big amount of your hard-earned money on an overpriced graphics card at the moment, and you need a GPU just to get the system running since the Intel I5 10400f doesn’t have an integrated GPU itself, GT 1030 can be a decent option but there are some much better deals.

As you can see in the table below, this GPU works great in 720p with Intel I5 10400f. Although the game won’t look good as in 1080p, I always chose the fps over the graphics details in games, especially on a GPU this old.

Games like CSGO would definitely average above 60 fps even on 1080p High settings, while you would need to play in 720p in order to run more demanding above 30 fps.

specs: Intel I5 10400f, GT 1030 2Gb, 16Gb DDR4, 1TB SSD - res: 720p/1080p AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS CPU USAGE (%) CPU TEMP (°C)
Apex Legends (Medium settings - 720p) 61 fps 42 fps 31 % 55 °C
CSGO (Medium settings - 720p) 139 fps 94 fps 69 % 56 °C
Grand Theft Auto V (Medium settings - 1080p) 52 fps 41 fps 44 % 60 °C
Need for Speed Heat (Low settings - 720p) 51 fps 38 fps 56 % 59 °C
The Witcher 3 (Low settings - 720p) 56 fps 30 fps 40 % 52 °C

How Good Is Intel Core I5 10400f For Gaming When Paired With an Entry-Level GPU?

The second test is done with a budget entry-level 1080 GPU, Nvidia Gtx 1650. This GPU will do a great job in 1080p when paired with Intel I5 10400f even in some more demanding games.

This GPU-CPU combo will easily play Valorant on competitive fps, while more demanding games will average around 60 fps.

To get past 60 fps, you will need to reduce a few graphics details, but that is totally achievable with these two paired together.

specs: Intel I5 10400f, GTX 1650 4Gb, 16Gb DDR4, 1TB SSD - res: 1080p AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS CPU USAGE (%) CPU TEMP (°C)
Valorant (Mixed- Competitive settings) 217 fps 140 fps 41 % 63 °C
Watch Dogs: Legion (Medium settings) 56 fps 45 fps 47 % 61 °C
Fortnite (Epic settings) 52 fps 36 fps 40 % 55 °C
Dirt 5 (Medium settings) 58 fps 46 fps 41 % 54 °C
Doom Eternal (High settings) 65 fps 51 fps 50 % 59 °C

For the Best Mid-Range GPU to test with Intel I5 10400f, I chose Gtx 1660 Super.

Although the Average fps didn’t cross 60 fps in every game, you need to have in mind that reducing the settings from Ultra to High or Medium will significantly increase the fps that you get in these games.

As you can see in the table below, the fps in Modern Warfare is over 90 even on Very High settings, while Red Dead Redemption 2 and ARK require some graphics settings adjustment.

specs: Intel I5 10400f, GTX 1660 Super, 16Gb DDR4, 1TB SSD - res: 1080p AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS CPU USAGE (%) CPU TEMP (°C)
Mafia: Definitive Edition (High settings) 73 fps 52 fps 43 % 58 °C
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Very High settings) 95 fps 64 fps 64 % 60 °C
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Ultra settings) 52 fps 41 fps 45 % 54 °C
ARK: Survival Evolved (High settings) 58 fps 45 fps 46 % 53 °C
Destiny 2 (Highest settings) 100 fps 72 fps 50 % 55 °C

In order to test this CPU in a resolution higher than 1080p, I paired it with Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti. As I expected, even in 1440p results are very good.

Even in Cyberpunk 2077, which is one of the most unoptimized games right now, this GPU-CPU combo managed to get around 60 fps on Average.

While the games like AC Valhalla and Shadow of The Tomb Rider are still demanding games, these two together did a great job in both of them even on Ultra settings.

specs: Intel I5 10400f, RTX 3060 Ti, 16Gb DDR4, 1TB SSD - res: 1440p AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS CPU USAGE (%) CPU TEMP (°C)
Cyberpunk 2077 (Ray Tracing Medium settings) 57 fps 41 fps 65 % 61 °C
COD: Black Ops Cold War (High settings + RTX On) 99 fps 64 fps 57 % 59 °C
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Ultra settings & RTX On) 75 fps 51 fps 46 % 51 °C
Battlefield V (Ultra settings) 94 fps 61 fps 78 % 65 °C
Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Ultra High settings) 66 fps 44 fps 52 % 60 °C

Gaming Comparison Between Intel Core I5 10400f and AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Ryzen 5 3600 is the biggest Intel I5 10400f competition. Both of these CPUs have 6 cores and 12 threads, but this time Intel did a better job, which isn’t that common.

As you can see in the table below, the Intel I5 10400f has better fps in any game that I tested although the Ryzen 5 3600 is more expensive at the moment.

In most games, the fps difference is around 5-10 fps which isn’t that much, but considering that the Intel Core I5 10400f is 40-50 dollars cheaper that gives us a clue of how good the Intel I5 10400f actually is.

The main problem with Intel I5 10400f is the motherboard shortage and compatibility.

Let’s see the results!

specs: Intel I5 10400f, RTX 2080 OC 8GB, 16Gb DDR4, 1TB SSD res:1080p AVERAGE FPS I5 10400f CPU USAGE I5 10400f CPU TEMP i5 10400f AVERAGE FPS Ryzen 5 3600 CPU USAGE Ryzen 5 3600 CPU TEMP Ryzen 5 3600
Battlefield V (Ultra settings) 150 fps 88 % 55 °C 145 fps 81 % 59 °C
PUBG (Ultra settings) 135 fps 44 % 49 °C 129 fps 39 % 52 °C
Assassin's Creed Odyssey (High & Very High settings) 99 fps 68 % 54 °C 95 fps 74 % 52 °C
The Witcher 3 (Ultra settings) 139 fps 57 % 50 °C 135 fps 60 % 54 °C
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Mixed settings) 109 fps 72 % 51 °C 101 fps 75 % 55 °C

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Intel I5 10400f Future-Proof?

Intel I5 10400f is definitely a future-proof processor for at least 2 to 3 more years. Since this CPU is released in 2021 and it has a decent amount of cores and threads, you won’t face any problems in the next few years.

Can Intel i5 10400f Work Without A GPU?

Although the Intel Core I5 10400f is already more than 2 years old, we can still say that this processor is more than good for the majority of tasks and even gaming. If you pair it with a good graphics card, you can expect good results from this processor for at least 3-4 more years.

Is Intel I5 10400f good in 202e?

Intel Core I5 10400f is amazing even in 2023. If you pair it with good components and a graphic card, you can run any new game at high framerates on increased graphics settings. Although some graphics cards will bottleneck this CPU, you shouldn’t have any problems most of the time.

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