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Should You Use Your Pc Opened? (Without Side Panel)


Should You Use Your Pc Opened? (Without Side Panel)


An Often asked question that PC users are asking is related to their Pc Case and the Side Panel. Even I struggled with this a few years ago when I didn’t have a great Air Flow in my Computer, so I removed the side panel, and unfortunately, I didn’t see the results I was expecting.

To get things easier for you, I will write everything you need to know about this topic. Keep Reading to find out – Is using the Pc without Side Panel safe and should you do it?

Should You Use Your Pc Opened

Why You Shouldn’t Remove your Side Panel?

Using the Pc without the side panel can be bad for your Pc’s overall lifespan. Some of the bad things that you can face when the side panel isn’t installed are too much dust, bad airflow, louder components, and possible damage from liquid…

Since the list is big, Let’s go through all of them!

Is Using The Computer Without Side Panel Safe?

Using a Desktop Computer opened is in most cases alright if you know that you need to be careful next to it. Nothing bad can’t happen unless you spill some liquid on it or drop something heavy inside of your PC. As long as you know how to not damage your PC while being opened, you are good to go.

I recommend you to keep your Pc on a safe place where you can’t accidentally spill something on it. Be sure that children cant approach it since they can injure themselves on fans that are inside your computer.

Is Removing The Side Panel Dangerous For Your Pets?

Removing the Side Panel of your Computer Case and leaving it open all the time can be very dangerous for your loved pet. No matter what animal you have, they all can do some silly things, and the last thing you want from them is to look for something inside your PC which has sharp fans and coolers that are spinning.

The one thing that can bother animal owners the most are spinning fans. They maybe can’t do anything serious to your pet, but you shouldn’t even think about opening the PC if you are the owner.

Is Pc Going To Be Louder Without The Side Panel?

Yes, Your PC will be noticeably louder if you remove your Case side panel. The only thing that is between you and your components is that side panel, so, unfortunately, you will need to get used to a bigger noise that – your graphics cards, processor hard drives, and all other components are making.

That noise probably won’t be that big, but in some situations when you need to concentrate on something important on your computer, the last thing you want to hear is your Hard Drive spinning.

Of course, If you don’t mind a little bit of noise, this won’t be a big problem for you, especially if your GPU and CPU fans aren’t spinning much when playing demanding games.

Does Side Panel Affect Your Temperatures?

Removing the Side Panel can either be good or bad for your temps, depending on the situation. If your fans are properly installed, opening your side panel can be bad for your overall temp. If you don’t have fans installed, removing the side panel would help, since the heat would have space to leave.

I personally had a problem a few years ago. Since I didn’t have the fans inside my PC, I used to remove the side panel and that helped me to play video games at much lower temps than before.

Have in mind that this is just a lazy solution, if you want the best for your PC, you should buy some fans which aren’t that expensive, as soon as you have money. Fans can decrease your temps drastically, which will improve your component’s life span.

How To Reduce Temperatures Without Removing The Side Panel

The only way for reducing your temperatures so you don’t have to remove your side panel is by installing the fans inside your Pc. The proper Air Flow will decrease your PC temps more than you are expecting.

If you want to see the best way to make the best airflow inside your PC, go here and read the article.

Should You Remove The Side Panel When Your CPU Cooler Doesnt Have Enough Space?

If you bought a CPU cooler that is bigger than it should be and it cant fit in your case because the side panel is on its way, the only possible solution is to either replace that cooler with a smaller one, buy a new case, or remove the side panel.

If you don’t want to hear the loud components or you are afraid to damage the inside of your PC while open, I suggest you either buy a new cooler or case.

If you already used your PC opened, and it’s in a safe place (do not keep it on the ground since you can damage it and dust is much easier to collect on it), you can use it opened with that cooler until you get enough money to buy a new case. Nothing bad should happen if you are careful and the noise isn’t a problem for you.

Dust In Your Pc After Removing The Side Panel

Of course, the biggest problem with opened PC is Dust. Since the side panel isn’t installed, you would need to clean your PC more often than you actually did in the past. That isn’t that hard of work to do, but most people skip this because they think it isn’t that important.

If you want to see How big of a problem is DUST, you can read my article by pressing Here!

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