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Is the GTX 1050 Ti still good for gaming? GPU Revisit

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Is The GTX 1050 TI Still Good For Gaming? GPU Revisit


A few days ago was the 6th anniversary of the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and looking back, this GPU gave so much value to the world of graphics cards.

Not only that this graphics card is one of the most affordable stepping stones for a decent gaming experience, but it was also actually very good back in the day.

Considering that it’s not 2015 anymore, I bought a Used GTX 1050 Ti in order to test it and answer the most asked questions. Find the full review here.

Is Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti still good for gaming in 2021

Is The GTX 1050 TI Still Good For Gaming? Short Topic Answer

The Nvidia Gtx 1050 Ti is still a great GPU for gaming considering its age. If your goal is to play in 1080p, this GPU will give you a great experience in less demanding games. If you want to play more demanding and newer games, the best solution would be to lower your resolution to 720p.

Have in mind that if you want to get the most out of Gtx 1050 Ti, you will need to pair it with a decent processor and 16Gb of RAM, which is as time passes standard for gaming.

Best Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Offer At The Moment

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Nvidia Gtx 1050 Ti Specifications

Memory Size4GB
Memory TypeGDDR5
Bus Width128 bit
Graphics ProcessorGP107

To get things easier for you, I tested Gtx 1050 Ti in 10 popular games with a processor that will get the most out of it for sure – Ryzen 5 3600.

As you can see, the results below are all in 1080p considering that most people play on that resolution no matter how good the graphics card actually is.

The results and fps that I got with this GPU really amazed me. The fact that a graphics card that is 6 years old can run popular games in 1080p on more than 30 fps in every case and more than 60 fps in some games is so cool.

As expected, the highest fps that I got was in CSGo, since this game isn’t that demanding, you can definitely expect very playable fps even on the highest settings.

The games that didn’t do very well in this testing are more demanding ones like Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, etc… In order to have higher fps in these games, you can lower the resolution to 720p and get more than 60 fps, but since the 40+ fps is good for most people, you may stick to 1080p while having some delay.

See what fps should you expect in popular games in the table below!

specs: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4Gb, Ryzen 5 3600, 16 Gb ddr4, 1TB SSD res: 1080p AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS
Grand Theft Auto V (Very High settings) 54 fps 36 fps
Counter Strike GO (High settings) 141 fps 72 fps
PUBG (Medium settings) 66 fps 57 fps
Fortnite (High settings) 69 fps 41 fps
Battlefield V (Low settings) 64 fps 50 fps
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Low settings) 45 fps 34 fps
Mafia Definitive Edition (Low settings) 46 fps 35 fps
Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Low settings) 42 fps 30 fps
Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Medium settings) 51 fps 38 fps
Forza Horizon 4 (Mixed settings) 72 fps 60 fps

Best Processor To Pair With GTX 1050 TI

As I said before, you will need a decent processor in order to get the best performance in gaming. If you already have a decent CPU that is at least 4 cores and 4 threads, you still don’t need to upgrade considering that Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti isn’t that strong graphics card.

If you are still looking for a processor that would work great with Nvidia Gtx 1050 Ti, but at the same time has space for an upgrade, I got you!

The Best Intel Processor For GTX 1050 TI

The best Intel processor for Nvidia Gtx 1050 Ti is Intel Core I3 8100. This CPU will not only be great with your Gtx 1050 Ti, but it will also be a great CPU for some stronger GPU that you may upgrade to.

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The Best Ryzen Processor For GTX 1050 TI

The Best Ryzen processor for Nvidia Gtx 1050 Ti is Ryzen 5 1600. This processor is a great budget solution for your Gtx 1050 ti and will also do a good job with a GPU stronger than Gtx 1050 Ti if you are planning to upgrade in the future.

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Best GPU to upgrade from Gtx 1050 Ti

If you are looking for a GPU for 1080p gaming, The best GPU to upgrade from Gtx 1050 Ti is Nvidia GTX 1660. The Gtx 1660 is a great graphics card and if you pair it with a good processor, you can expect to play any games in 1080p Ultra or High settings.

See Nvidia Gtx 1660 best offer on Amazon here

If you want to find out more about Gtx 1660, you can read my post by pressing the button below!

Is Nvidia Gtx 1050 Ti Good For Streaming?

When it comes to streaming, you should avoid the Nvidia Gtx 1050 Ti. This GPU isn’t strong enough to run the game at the same time as the stream, which can be very demanding.

Maybe light screen streaming or games that are much less demanding would be possible, but most of the games need a stronger GPU in order to run well and be playable while streaming.


Nvidia did a very good job when making a GTX 1050 Ti. Although it’s 6 years old, this GPU holds up very well in most games that are released before 2018 even on good graphics settings.

I think that if you know the limits of this GPU and you are planning to upgrade after the GPU market comes back to normal, Gtx 1050 Ti would do a g great job.

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